Backdoor Roth IRA

I considered Vanguard or Fidelity for my annual backdoor Roth IRA, but I decided to stay with Lending Club. I signed up for the Groundfloor IRA beta release. My annual backdoor Roth IRA contribution will be invested in Groundfloor IRA. I also start winding down Lending Club IRA.

Litigation Finance Overweight

I will shift my portfolio from overweight short-term small business loans through Direct Lending Income Fund to overweight commercial lawsuits through LexShares. I plan to build a large litigation portfolio.

Credit Card Arbitrage

Fund redemption will cover my credit card debt. An estimated total withdrawal is $750,000 over the next 12 months. $350,000 will go toward credit card repayments. The third round of credit card arbitrage investment will take place in mid-2018.

401(k) Contribution Only Up To The Match

I stop maxing out 401(k). My employer matches 125% up to 6 percent of my salary for a maximum $10,000 per year. I will contribute only up to $8,000.