YieldStreet Investment Opportunities

YieldStreet consistently launched new portfolio throughout the quarter. In February 20th, the announcement of Accelerated Pre-Settlement Portfolio V brought down the platform for all afternoon due to traffic spikes. The platform is experiencing excess demand.

Date Amount APR Duration Description
01/16/2017 $2M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XIV
01/17/2017 $2.5M 9% 11 Multi-Use Real Estate Portfolio III
01/24/2017 $1.6M 9% 18 Commercial Real Estate Portfolio I
01/31/2017 $2.06M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XV
02/12/2017 $1.3M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XVI
02/20/2017 $1.66M 15% 18 Accelerated Pre-Settlement Portfolio V
02/26/2017 $5M 12% 36 Diversified Commercial Litigation Portfolio I
03/03/2017 $1.19M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XVII
03/06/2017 $1.25M 9% 16 Multi-Use Real Estate Portfolio IV
03/08/2017 $1M 12% 24 Law Firm Financing I
03/14/2017 $4.6M 9% 12 Commercial Real Estate Portfolio II
03/21/2017 $2M 12% 14 Law Firm Financing II

LexShares Investment Opportunities

I signed up on February 11th. There were no offerings in February, 3 offerings in March. The 1st case was announced at 9:09AM and funding completed by 9:56AM; the 2nd case was announced at 9:04AM and funding completed by 9:20AM. Indeed, investor demand seems likely to increase. This year may be the only chance to build a diversified litigation portfolio.

Date Case Offering Size
03/03/2017 Breach of Contract $400,000
03/08/2017 Breach of Contract $400,000
03/13/2017 Patent Infringement $3,775,000