YieldStreet Investment Opportunities

Date Amount APR Duration Description
08/11/2017 $2.75M 12% 36 Law Firm Financing III
08/31/2017 $3.8M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XXIII
09/15/2017 $4.55M 9% 14 Residential Real Estate Portfolio I
09/22/2017 $3.5M 11% 36 Commercial Financing I
09/29/2017 $4.5M 9.5% 24 Secure Storage Facility
09/30/2017 $4M 12% 24 Law Firm Financing V

LexShares Investment Opportunities

LexShares has been silent for almost 2 months after July 12th. I had a large amounts of cash sitting in my bank account. On August 29th, a new case popped up with 22% pre-funded by the internal hedge fund. A small retail investor added $5,000 before I made a commitment. I took all remaining amount as soon as I gained access. On August 31st, another case popped up with 12% pre-funded. Initially it was open to selected members only. After more than 1 hour of waiting and watching, LexShares finally granted access to all members. The case was 82% funded by then. I took all remaining amount as soon as I gained access.

Date Case Offering Size
07/05/2017 Breach Of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Negligence $750,000
07/12/2017 Qui Tam / Whistleblower $150,000
08/29/2017 Breach Of Contract, Promissory Estoppel $225,000
08/31/2017 Breach Of Contract, Fraud, False Arrest And Imprisonment $275,000
09/06/2017 LexShares Marketplace Fund I $25,000,000
09/14/2017 Trademark Infringement $100,000