Key Points

  • My net investable assets increased to $1,547,636.
  • The IRR on stock trading for trailing 12 months (TTM) was 56.38%.
  • The IRR on alternative investments for trailing 12 months (TTM) was 7.66%.

Asset Allocation

Net Investable Assets: $1,547,636

Account 2019Q4 2020Q4 Change
Cash and Cash Equivalents $168,625 $500,639 $332,015
Retirement $94,347 $165,026 $70,679
LendingClub $241 $5 ($236)
LexShares $814,742 $459,849 ($354,893)
YieldStreet $319,448 $363,136 $43,688
Statera Capital Fund $0 $67,075 $67,075
Debt ($59,847) ($8,616) $51,231
Total $1,337,555 $1,547,636 $210,081

The increase was $210,081. It was far more than expected considering I had incurred large medical expenses in the past year. A large portion of unexpected gains were earned in the stock market. I have added my retirement account to the category label. It will be tracked separately starting now.

Internal Rate of Return (Brokerage): 56.38%

Account Allocation IRR (TTM) IRR (TOT)
Traditional 401(k) 68.40% 47.33% (4.31%)
Roth IRA 31.60% 78.36% (8.27%)
Total 100% 56.38% (5.27%)

The pandemic drove massive stock market gains. I was able to ride on the market trends and made a good profit. My overall IRR is still negative, but a turnaround would be easy in the current bull market. Trading story stocks can be extremely profitable if done right.

Internal Rate of Return (Alternatives): 7.66%

Account Allocation IRR (TTM) IRR (TOT)
LendingClub 0% n/a 5.20%
Direct Lending Income Fund 0% n/a 10.03%
Groundfloor 0% n/a 3.58%
iFunding 0% n/a 15.36%
LexShares 51.66% 8.30% 7.29%
YieldStreet 40.80% 14.96% 14.03%
Statera Capital Fund 7.54% (23.30%)
Total 100% 7.66% 8.98%

I have 2 deals left with YieldStreet. They were already struggling to pay off my investments, and the pandemic made it worse. I probably have to wait for another year until every deal is closed. As for new investment, I have initiated new investment with Statera Capital Fund that were launched in the first quarter of 2020. I have committed $1 million for 4 years.

Investment Strategy 2021

While I continue exploring alternative assets, I do not plan to make any new investment for a while. I have made a large commitment to Statera Capital Fund, which requires me to hold sizable cash until it is called. I will just keep making contributions as it comes.

Wind Down LexShares Investments

I stopped investing in LexShares after the platform published disappointing performance statistics in early June. LexShares has been subpar at best in the industry. I no longer have any faith in their case underwriting skills. It is time to wind down and get ready for better opportunities elsewhere.

Increase Stock Trading Activities

My cash balance is unusually high, and it would likely go even higher as more alternative investments come back. I plan to increase my financial exposure to the stock market up to 50% of my total investment while the current bull market continues and I still have excess cash to trade.