Key Points

  • My net investable assets increased to $1,547,636.
  • The IRR on stock trading for trailing 12 months (TTM) was 56.38%.
  • The IRR on alternative investments for trailing 12 months (TTM) was 7.66%.

Asset Allocation

Net Investable Assets: $1,547,636

Account 2019Q4 2020Q4 Change
Cash and Cash Equivalents $168,625 $500,639 $332,015
Retirement $94,347 $165,026 $70,679
LendingClub $241 $5 ($236)
LexShares $814,742 $459,849 ($354,893)
YieldStreet $319,448 $363,136 $43,688
Statera Capital Fund $0 $67,075 $67,075
Debt ($59,847) ($8,616) $51,231
Total $1,337,555 $1,547,636 $210,081

The increase was $210,081. It was far more than expected considering I had incurred large medical expenses in the past year. A large portion of unexpected gains were earned from trading stocks. I have added my retirement account to the category label. It will be tracked separately starting now.

Internal Rate of Return (Brokerage): 56.38%

Account Allocation IRR (TTM) IRR (TOT)
Traditional 401(k) 68.40% 47.33% (4.31%)
Roth IRA 31.60% 78.36% (8.27%)
Total 100% 56.38% (5.27%)

The pandemic drove massive stock market gains. I was able to ride on the market trends and made a good profit. My overall IRR is still negative, but a turnaround would be easy in the current bull market. Trading story stocks can be extremely profitable if done right.

Internal Rate of Return (Alternatives): 7.66%

Account Allocation IRR (TTM) IRR (TOT)
LendingClub 0% n/a 5.20%
Direct Lending Income Fund 0% n/a 10.03%
Groundfloor 0% n/a 3.58%
iFunding 0% n/a 15.36%
LexShares 51.66% 8.30% 7.29%
YieldStreet 40.80% 14.96% 14.03%
Statera Capital Fund 7.54% (23.30%)
Total 100% 7.66% 8.98%

I have 2 deals left with YieldStreet. They were already struggling to pay off my investments, and the pandemic made it worse. I probably have to wait for another year until every deal is closed. As for new investment, I have initiated new investment with Statera Capital Fund that were launched in the first quarter of 2020. I have committed total $1 million for 4 years.

Investment Strategy 2021

While I continue exploring new opportunities, I do not plan to make any new investment for a while. I have made a large commitment to Statera Capital Fund, which requires me to hold sizable cash until it is called. I will just keep making contributions there.

Wind Down LexShares Investments

I stopped investing in LexShares after the platform published disappointing performance statistics in early June. LexShares has been subpar at best in the industry. I no longer have any faith in their case underwriting skills. It is time to wind down and be ready when a great opportunity knocks.

Increase Stock Trading Activities

My cash balance is unusually high, and it would likely go even higher as more alternative investments come back. I plan to increase my financial exposure to the stock market up to 50% of my total investment while the current bull market continues and I still have excess cash to invest.