Direct Lending Income Fund

DLI Fund is a newly organized, diversified, closed-end investment company with a solid high return, low risk, and high liquidity. It seeks a high level of current income through investments in loans to small and medium sized businesses and non-bank lenders by investing in short-term loans, lines of credit, receivables and other debt obligations.


iFunding is one of the earlier entrants into the real estate crowdfunding sector that leverages an online social platform allowing accredited investors to make investments in prime real estate directly. iFunding specializes in both commercial and residential real estate investment opportunities in debt and equity deals.


YieldStreet is an online marketplace for investing in alternative asset-based loans. The platform seeks investment opportunities that provide investors with low correlation to the broader stock market. Their popular offerings include legal funding, commercial real estate, and marine finance with the 12-48 months time horizon and 8-13% target annual yields.


LexShares is an online marketplace that connects investors with plaintiffs. This platform is specialized in small to midsize meritorious commercial cases at all stages of litigation. The LexShares team maintains a strong track record in commercial cases with a success rate of little over 90%. The platform posted 32 cases as of April 2017 (102 cases for the underwriting group), and 7 cases reached a finality. The median return so far with 7 cases (6 wins / 1 loss) is 88% net of all fees including losses. LexShares has been offering 2-3 investment opportunities every month with an offering size between $100,000 to $400,000. The platform stands at 63% success with 30 wins out of 47 resolved cases as of June 2020. Their success rate is significantly below their earlier estimates of 80-85% and well below the most pessimistic estimates of 70%. I have stopped making any new investments until they restore my confidence.