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The Second Million

Journey To Become A Multi-Millionaire My wealth has grown exponentially after reaching my first million in 2018. It only took me 3 years to double it. I allocated over 50% of my portfolio to a single asset class. Concentration has great impact upon investment returns. The profit earned on short-term trades in the stock market […]

Personal Goals For 2020

New Year, Same You I set my goals every year at the end of November and do a year end review at new year. I usually keep them private, but this year I decided to share on my blog. All goals fall under one of the top 3 focus areas of life: money, health, and […]

Beyond The First Million

Portfolio Strategy My asset allocation strategy remains constant. I am willing to take a substantial risk for aggressive growth. I go all-in with litigation finance investments. Concentration is the fastest way to build wealth. I will enter the world of hedge fund investing when my liquid assets reach $3 million. Asset Class Allocation I hold […]

Tax Optimization Strategy

The 2 Most Common Ways to Reduce Your Taxes Tax Deductions (<$250,000) Income Distribution (>$250,000) Tax Deductions Reducing your taxable income by deducting variety of personal & business expenses is one of the most common ways to lower your taxes when your gross income is under $250,000. It becomes less effective as your income increases […]

Retirement Plan 2018

Retirement Changes Under the New Tax Law We reassessed our target numbers based on the new tax bill, a new investment strategy, and current spending figure. The risk-free interest rate is the return investors are willing to accept for an investment with no risk. I assume the risk-free rate of return is 12%. Housing Expense Townhouse for […]

Personal Capital Sucks

Mint vs. Personal Capital Both Mint and Personal Capital are personal finance management services that allow you to sync and aggregate all of your financial accounts in one platform. Personal Capital is very popular among personal finance bloggers because of the terrific affiliate marketing program. Switched from Mint to Personal Capital I have tested Mint […]

Get Rich By Investing in Litigation Financing

Third-Party Litigation Finance I recently found a crowd-sourced litigation funding platform called LexShares. This platform gives individual accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of pre-settlement business disputes, such as contracts, fraud, international arbitration, intellectual property, whistleblower, and portfolio financing. Pre-settlement funding is different from post-settlement loans. Investors of pre-settlement funding can […]

Retirement Plan 2016

Backstory Today is my birthday. I am a few years away from 40. Recently I am experiencing high levels of stress at work. It has been taking a toll on my physical and emotional health. This might be a great time to get my retirement finances in order. Early retirement became an obsession, and I […]