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Summary YieldStreet reduced the number of legal investment offerings this year. It seems the platform has shifted focus to Commercial Real Estate and Marine Finance offerings. LexShares continues offering new cases to retail investors. You still have a chance to build your own commercial litigation portfolio. YieldStreet Investment Opportunities Date Amount APR Duration Description 01/15/2018 […]


Summary YieldStreet has been consistently launching new portfolios throughout the year. On February 20th, the announcement of Accelerated Pre-Settlement Portfolio V brought down the platform for all afternoon due to traffic spikes. The platform is experiencing excess demand. I had a large cash sitting in my bank account waiting for LexShares new investment opportunities. This […]

Marketplace Offerings

Direct Lending Income Fund DLI Fund is a newly organized, diversified, closed-end investment company with a solid high return, low risk, and high liquidity. It seeks a high level of current income through investments in loans to small and medium sized businesses and non-bank lenders by investing in short-term loans, lines of credit, receivables and […]


Summary Groundfloor struggled to offer new loans. Many loans I invested in came back after a couple weeks. Investors experienced a supply shortage until September when they expanded loan pipeline significantly to catch up with the growing investor demand. They also made few loans available to accredited investors only for experiment. As the loan shortage […]