Switched from Mint to Personal Capital

I’ve tested Mint for few months in 2015. There were 2 things I didn’t like about Mint.

Personal Capital solved these problems. I also liked the user interface better. I decided to close Mint and move to Personal Capital.

Data Loss with Personal Capital

All was good until Discover combined my 2 credit cards into a single login account. It instantly broke the Discover link in my Personal Capital account. It took multiple emails and few weeks to restore it, and the link has been very unstable since then. After the 4th time the link broke, I lost all transaction data of 1 of 2 Discover credit card. Unfortunately, that was my primary spending credit card for the year. I lost most of my expense records.

Additionally, my Bank of America checking account link stalled in early 2017. I was used to see sync errors with various accounts, so I thought it would recover by itself. A month later, I decided to re-open Mint account for comparison. I linked all my banks and credit cards, and confirmed that Bank of America checking account worked fine with Mint. I contacted Personal Capital and they fixed it right a way by “resetting” it. That’s how I got another data loss. It was my primary checking account. I lost most of my income records.

Switched back from Personal Capital to Mint

As of this morning, I was seeing following issues in my Personal Capital account:

  • Bank of America checking account link was bugged
  • Barclay account sync error
  • Citi accounts sync errors
  • Discover credit cards link broke again (5th time in 6 months)

Mint has already resolved the account linking issue with Target. I re-opened Mint account in February, and I have never had any problems with Discover accounts since then. Mint is missing some features when it comes to asset tracking, but I’ve been using excel to track my asset over the past 10 years, and I have this blog to track my current portfolio. Mint works just fine for me. I have no reason to keep my Personal Capital account open after losing all expense and income records.