• My 7th investment into commercial litigation crowdfunding has reached an out-of-court settlement.
  • It’s 73 days from the time of capital commitment to distribution, or 60 days from a disbursement of funds.
  • The investment has generated 1.79x MOIC and 1740% XIRR.


In July 2017, LexShares opened a new investment opportunity. Projected net return was 80% in the first 6 months, 20% next 6 months, then 40% every 6 months thereafter. I committed to the case and I wired $75,000 on 7/12/17. LexShares disbursed funds to the plaintiff on 7/21/17.


The case was privately resolved among the parties through settlement in August 2017. LexShares mailed the payment on 9/19/17. I received a check on 9/23/17.

Net profit was $59,295 over 73 days, for the internal rate of return of 1740.72%.

Date Amount Description
07/12/2017 ($75,000.00) Capital Commitment
09/23/2017 $134,294.64 Settlement Distribution

Since I have held for less than a year, it will be taxed as a short-term capital gain.