LexShares Case #656 Resolved


  • My 14th investment into commercial litigation crowdfunding has reached finality.
  • It has been 770 days from the time of an ACH transfer to the distribution.
  • The investment has generated a 1.70x MOIC and a 28.45% IRR.
Key Events
Date Cashflows Description
Feb 14, 2019 New Investment Opportunity – $1.50M
Feb 14, 2019 Capital Commitment – $25K
Feb 15, 2019 ($25,000) Deposit via ACH
Mar 1, 2019 Capital Disbursement
Oct 21, 2020 Judgement – the petitions for review are denied
Mar 25, 2021 Distribution of Proceeds via ACH
Mar 26, 2021 $42,399 Payment Received


In February 2021, LexShares posted a products liability case.


In September 2020, The Supreme Court denied the petition and the Court of Appeal issued a remittitur. In February 2021, Defendant paid the entire judgment amount, which would be held until the Supreme Court grants a writ of certiorari.


In March 2021, Defendant announced they would not file their petition for a writ of certiorari. LexShares distributed settlement proceeds of $42,399 via ACH for my investment. Net profit was $17,399 over 770 days, for a gross multiple of invested capital (MOIC) of 1.70x and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 28.45%.