• My 1st investment into commercial litigation crowdfunding has reached finality.
  • It has been 640 days from the time of capital commitment to the distribution, or 626 days from disbursement of funds to the plaintiff.
  • The investment has generated 1.00x MOIC and 0.00% XIRR.


In March 2017, LexShares opened a new investment opportunity.

Projected net return was:

  • 80% in the first 12 months (0-12)
  • Additional 40% every 6 months thereafter up to 48 months (12-48)

I committed to the case on 3/3/17. LexShares debited my commitment via ACH on 3/7/17. LexShares disbursed funds to the plaintiff on 3/21/17.


The case was resolved earlier through an out-of-court settlement among the parties in November 2018.

LexShares distributed the payment via ACH on 12/6/18. I received the payment on 12/7/18.

This came as a positive surprise. I was mentally prepared to lose all because this case was not going well.