YieldStreet Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XXV Repaid

Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XXV Paid Off

  • My 1st YieldStreet investment has paid in full.
  • It’s 639 days from the time of capital commitment to the repayment of principal and accrued interest.
  • The investment has generated 13.14% IRR.
Key Events


On December 24, 2018, YieldStreet announced that Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XXV would launch Wednesday, December 27th, at 6PM EST. The investment has an estimated 13% target interest for 48 months with a minimum investment of $20,000. The platform has recently extended the investment term from 36-month to 48-month for diversified portfolio offerings because many cases in the portfolio did not resolve within a 36-month period. YieldStreet completed a $5.18M raise within a minute. I was able to commit $250,000 to this offering. Money was debited from my bank account on 12/28/17, and my investment became active on 1/3/18.


On 9/21/19, YieldStreet announced that LawCash has been acquired by YieldStreet, and all LawCash investments would be repaid in the following week. I received repayment of all outstanding principal and accrued interest up to the sale date on 9/27/19. This investment earned $39,248 in interest over 639 days, for the internal rate of return of 13.14%.